We have a number of scanners at opacolor, llc to meet the needs of each individual job. From a consumer grade slide/film scanner that creates unadjusted web ready files, a flat bed scanner to create consumer grade and line art scans of flat material, to a high end drum scanner that creates very high resolution color accurate adjusted scans for press or art reproduction we will help you choose which is right for your project.

Below are sample scan prices based on the output size at 300dpi (150dpi). Prices are based on a moderate number of scans per job. Volume discounts apply to larger orders. Please call Melissa at 608.256.9990 or e-mail Melissa@opacolor.com with your questions or for an individualized quote.

For more than 15 years, Melissa and Steve have been providing me with superior quality scans and meeting the tight deadlines that are a daily part of publishing. As a book production manager, I am faced with trying to get reproduction-quality scans of everything from bound book pages to faded archival photographs. My printers use different presses to reproduce my scans and print them on a variety of papers; all factors that need to be considered when scanning an image. Melissa and Steve have repeatedly shown their willingness and ability to handle even the most difficult scanning challenges. I regularly rely on their expertise in image editing and their advice on file format issues. Often if a problem arises with one of my projects, the staff will manage to solve it without even involving me. As budgets get tighter and work loads increase, it’s good to know that I have a publishing “partner” who I can trust to make quality decisions on my behalf.

- Terry Emmrich
Produciton Manager
The University of Wisconsin Press

Having a downtown location blocks from the Capitol Square for quality scanning services is an invaluable time and headache saver. Melissa and Steve's years of experience producing industry-standard scans means I will turn to then whenever I want the highest quality results. Add in the friendly service and the personal attention you find there, and you'll wonder why you'd ever want to trouble yourself going elsewhere.

- Zane Williams
Zane Williams Photography


Size 4/C Drum
Line Art
(@800 dpi)
2x3 $35 $25 $15 $19
4x5 $44 $25 $17 $29
5x7 $50 $29 $18 $79
8.5x11 $76 $35 $24 $79