Epson / Giclée Fine Art Reproductions

The word "giclée" (pronounced gee-clay) is French, meaning "to spray," was initially coined as a marketing term as it was thought "giclée" sounded fancier than "digital print" or "inkjet print." It also designates a fine art reproduction, as opposed to a print made for a tradeshow or other commercial uses. Our high resolution giclée printer is manufactured by Epson and uses UV-stable pigment-based inks for color accuracy and longevity. Our output resolution is 2880 x 1440 dpi.

All of our pricing, both scans and prints, are based on the final output size including any borders. We can print images up to 44 inches on the short side by 33 feet on the long side.Our prints are step-priced meaning that the very first print you order costs more only because it includes the initial set-up for your project. Any additional prints ordered along with your first print will be billed at a reduced rate. A reordered first print is a mid-line price and any additional prints ordered at the same time will be billed at the reduced price as well. This allows you to order only a few prints at a time to fill your orders rather than incur any out-of-pocket expense for extra prints which have not been sold yet. Printing only takes a few days after the final approval is received. We keep the final, approved test print in our records for color matching on reorders.

When we scan or photograph your original, the file will be saved as RGB EPS at 100 dpi at 100%. Included in this process are a reduced-sized proof, a round of revisions, and a final reduced-sized proof for approval at no extra charge. Any additional work will be billed at an hourly rate of $125.00 plus materials. Try to anticipate the different ways you might be using this digital file; we can always make a smaller print from your file, but you cannot make a larger print without affecting the subsequent resolution and quality.

We archive every file that we print on DAT tapes. To keep our prices low, we do not automatically include a copy of the file with your job. If you would like a copy of your file we can provide it for you - just ask. Your file burned to CD will cost an additional $15.00.

If you bring us a prepared file, you will not be assessed the scan / digital photography charge. We will, however, recommend a reduced-size test print. The test print provides a way to communicate about the image and allows you to give us feedback on how you think your final print should look. We see test proofs as an inexpensive insurance policy. Any file adjustments will be billed at a rate of $125.00 per hour. Ideally, your files should come to us as RGB EPS files at 240 ppi at 100% of the output size with your color profile imbedded.

Prints on our premium papers are currently rated to have a life span of nearly 100 years in. We have a number of substrates for you to choose from including but not limited to canvas, art paper, and photopapers. While we can also print on client supplied substrates - we cannot guarantee the color accuracy, quality or longevity of the print on non-Epson certified media. Each substrate lends a different surface, look, and feel to your image. And when in doubt, we would be happy to recommend a substrate that will work best with your image.

Below are some sample prices, Please call Melissa at 608.256.9990 or e-mail Melissa@opacolor.com with your questions or for an individualized quote.

First Order Reorder
Paper Size Scan / Digital Photography First Print Additional Prints Reorder First Print Reorder Additional
8x10 87.00 20.00 9.50 13.50 9.50
12x12 96.00 20.00 9.50 13.50 9.50
11x14 97.00 21.50 10.50 14.50 10.50
12x18 106.00 30.00 14.25 20.25 14.25
16x20 121.00 44.50 21.25 30.00 21.25
20x24 144.00 66.75 31.75 45.00 31.75
20x30 161.00 83.50 39.75 56.25 39.75
30x40 247.00 166.75 79.25 112.50 79.25