Opacolor is a professional digital imaging studio specializing in

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Opacolor, llc is the next generation of service provided by Steve Agard and Melissa Sargent who together have worked in the image making field for over 50 years. Formerly associated with Hyperion Studios, Steve and Melissa have combined forces to advance the craft of producing color-correct digital reproductions at Opacolor, llc.

Opacolor, llc is a small, flexible studio that works one-on-one with a variety of clients who need exceptionally accurate reproductions of visual images. We work both with images that have artistic applications and those that have technical application. We do specialty work such as creating fine art reproductions with artists (often called giclée), creating restored heirloom portrait photographs via reproduction, making scientifically accurate digital files, and working with customers to solve unique digital imaging problems.

As the cost of digital camera, software, and output devices has fallen, many businesses have acquired them in-house. But many have become frustrated with the color output they actually achieve with these set-ups. Opacolor, llc can be retained to consult in helping you and your staff learn how to use your own digital cameras, color management software, and color printers to create a more satisfactory result. These consultations can include learning to understand your system, color calibration techniques, defining the most cost-efficient and quality-assured work flow, and establishing efficient methods for working with outside vendors.

As in any relatively new field, our customers are sometimes unsure of their options for making and using digital images. Whether you are a large corporation with a sophisticated color reproduction system, a museum working to archive a collection or an artist considering developing your first reproductions, we welcome your questions.